My Story

I have been potting for over 40 years and a day in the studio is always a good day.

Over the years my work has undergone changes but I have always admired simple vessel forms and have been drawn to vibrant color contrast.  The Wildflower, Bird, Fern, Sea Oat and For the Garden collections are a natural extension of my passion for gardening.  Diversity of color, pattern, shape and texture found in nature leave me in awe. The One of a Kind pieces consist mainly of unique plates. vessels and lamps. Some are painted using my most popular patterns and are limited. You will also find the Urchin and Carved Bird pieces  in One of a Kind.  They have a glazed interior so can be utilitarian but have raw clay un-glazed exterior that is textured.

With attention to detail, the porcelain clay pieces are individually thrown, painted and fired to 2250 in an electric kiln. There will be slight variations in size, shape and color; this makes handcrafted pottery unique. Glazes are always lead free and the ware is safe for the microwave, oven and dishwasher.  Avoid sudden changes in temperature like refrigerator to oven and direct flame. 

Function is as important a consideration as beauty. I am honored when you choose to bring one of my pots into your home and make it part of your daily rituals.  I hope you will enjoy using these pieces as much as I enjoy making them.